Costumes made/modeled by Yaya between 1999 - now.

Dark Mistress

(design and character copyright protected, please do not steal)

Why I chose to make this costume:

I found a roll of incredible black irridescent feather trim a while back, and have wanted to make something with them ever since. The design for this coat-dress came to me unexpectedly one night and I worked hard to make it in time for the Fashion Show.

How I made this costume:

I lucked out in my search for the right fabric when I saw an entire bolt of super heavy weight midnight-blue material on clearance (I probably won't ever find it again). I altered three or four patterns to get the seams that I designed, as well as the length and volume. The collar was made with my own pattern, and has hand-sewn iridescent glass beads of various sizes scattered over it, with matching beading on the sleeves. The coat/dress is of course fully-lined, with re-enforcement in the top area.

The feather trim was taken apart and painstakingly attached individually (to savor each beautiful feather), ranging from one bottom hem across the front and down the other side. Feathers also trim the end of each sleeve. The whole thing buttons up in the front.

I sewed the corset a couple of years ago as part of a dark fairy costume, and after the wings had sold, I've not been able to use it for anything until now. It matches the rest of the ensemble well, I think!

I also made a matching feather hair piece and a choker with the left-over glass beads.

Thoughts on this costume:

This definitely turned out to be one of my most fun projects. The dress is versatile in the way that you can either wear a floor-length skirt underneath for an evening of elegance and theatre, or just undergarments for a more provocative look.

Model Yaya Han

Hair & Makeup Yaya Han

Styling Yaya Han

Date Completed 02 April, 2004

Hours Spent 30

Worn At Cyberotika 2004 Fashion Show, AX 2004